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Tray for Walker / Walker Tray Attachments

A tray for walkers is a practical and convenient item that offers you that bit of extra carrying capacity for when you need to take items along with you. There are different types of trays on the market, and here at AvaCare Medical, we have a select inventory of the best walker tray attachments. Of course, it is important to choose the right tray for your particular walker. Read more...

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  1. Carex Snap On Walker Basket with Tray 16" x 6" x 7"
  2. Carex Strap On Walker Basket with Tray 16" x 6" x 7"
  3. Fold Away Tray For Walker, 16"W X 11 3/4"D
  4. Lumex Walker Tray
    Lumex Walker Tray
  5. Walker Tray
    Walker Tray
  6. Universal Walker Tray
    Universal Walker Tray
  7. EZ Walker Caddy
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  8. Folding Walker Tray
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8 Items

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Why a Tray for a Walker is Considered a “Must”

As one of the most popular options around, a walker tray remains the primary choice for most users looking to purchase their first accessory. Adding a tray can literally transform a walker, by adding increased functionality and even mobility during certain scenarios. Customers can use their walker trays for a wide variety of purposes, such as the following.

  • Portable Tables: Having a place to set items such as glasses, TV remotes, and more when the walker is not in use can be easily accomplished when a user has a walker tray attached. All the user has to do to convert their walker into a convenient end-table is position it next to them when they sit on their sofa or chair. Many people compare walker trays to the old-style TV trays that are sometimes hard to find.
  • Tag-Along Desk: Many people love being able to take their walker trays and books along to use as a portable desk. This is done simply by putting the walker with a tray in front of them. A tray offers them a place to put a laptop, books, paperwork, and other items in a spot where they can be easily get to. This helps to add functionality, and some users can use this function to complete work while using a walker or simply to enjoy a good read.
  • Dinner Table: This, of course, is the most popular use of a walker tray. Many walker trays for folding and regular walkers come with cup holders or soft drink holder ports in them, and have plenty of room for a user to set their plates and silverware on. This allows them to not only move safely with their food, but also provides a table on which they can place food to eat during a meal.

Trays for Walkers Are Durable Too

Plastic is one of the most commonly used materials for the construction of walker trays, due to its durability and its ability to be used for a wide variety of purposes. There are a lot of benefits that are provided by having a plastic walker tray. Some of these include:

  1. Ease of Attachment and Use

    There is often no additional hardware needed when a user wants to attach their walker tray. Most tray versions can simply snap on top of the walker handles in some easy-to-remove models. Otherwise, a tray attachment for a walker can be simply clipped on to the arm section of a walker just below the handles.

  2. Easy to Clean

    Plastic walker trays are very easy to clean and are often also dishwasher safe. Plastic is one of the easiest materials to both wash and sanitize. Having a walker tray that is easy to render sterile is a necessity for elderly users, because they may have immune system deficiencies or disorders, making them more susceptible to contracting bacteria or viruses that can harm them.

  3. Doesn’t Add Much Weight to a Walker

    Plastic is not only beneficial in the other ways listed above, but it also is extremely lightweight – more so than metal or some other materials. Despite being extremely durable, many users can have confidence knowing that out of all the available accessories they could add to their walkers, the average walker tray weighs just a pound or two. As such, it wouldn’t add significant weight to a walker, and doesn’t usually cause the user to exceed the weight capacity of their unit.

  4. Front-Wheel Walker Trays Stay Out of the Way

    While many trays can be attached to the top of a walker, there are many front-wheel walker trays that are designed to be placed just over the front wheels themselves. This allows the user to properly operate their walker without risking spilling their items as they move forward. Of course, this may take a little bit of practice for many people so that they may get used to not lifting the rear legs of their walkers as much. This would definitely be an adjustment to those who are new to using a walker equipped with front wheels.

  5. Available Options for Adding Portability

    As mentioned above, some walker trays are specifically designed with portability in mind. While there are trays that don’t have foldable options aside from easy attachment and removal, folding trays for walkers are designed to fold down. This means they can be folded up with the walker, or only utilized when the patient or user is ready to use the accessory. A folding tray for a walker can easily be attached as well, but rather than detaching it while walking, the user can simply press the tray down and snap it in the upright position when needed.

Walker Trays May Not Fit Everyone’s Walker

Even though there are some truly universal walker trays, one should verify that the walker tray they’re looking at will indeed fit onto their specific walker. In general, AvaCare Medical does not recommend the use of replacement trays unless they are indicated for the exact model walker used by the consumer.

Certain trays are often more compatible then others for a specific walker. For instance, one may need to purchase a wider or customized walker tray for bariatric models, whereas many standard walker trays fit most walkers. For most walkers, in order to find the correct tray, one must measure the distance between the handle grips. Other walkers which clip on may require you to measure from the center of one handle bar to the one on the opposing side.


Here at AvaCare Medical, we carry a wide array of trays for walkers that help you achieve a higher level of independence! If you have any questions regarding walkers or walker trays, call our customer service team, and someone will help you out. Give us a call at 1.877.813.7799 during business hours, or email us anytime!