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Walkers for Handicapped / Disability Walker

There are so many walkers for handicapped individuals on the market that sometimes it can be challenging to choose the right model. With so many choices available for anyone looking to purchase a disability walker, one can easily get confused, because different walkers for disabled adults may provide different accessibility and mobility options. Fortunately, AvaCare Medical can help with this process by offering our line of handicap walkers made by the top manufacturers in the country. Our customer service team is ready to help you in selecting the best walker for your needs. Read more...

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  1. Bariatric Folding Walkers
    Bariatric Folding Walkers
    Starting at $65.42
  2. McKesson Folding Aluminum Junior Walker
    McKesson Folding Aluminum Junior Walker
    Starting at $46.29
  3. McKesson Folding Steel Walker
    McKesson Folding Steel Walker
    Starting at $71.02
  4. McKesson Folding Aluminum Walker
    McKesson Folding Aluminum Walker
    Starting at $134.19
  5. McKesson Dual Folding Walker, Case of 4
  6. Steel Adult Walker 2 Button with Wheels
  7. Invacare I-Class Paddle Walkers
    Invacare I-Class Paddle Walkers
    Starting at $53.37
  8. Step N Rest Roller Walker
    Step N Rest Roller Walker
    Starting at $158.72
  9. Folding Hemi Walker 30"-34" Adjustable Height
  10. Crosstour Rolling Walker
    Crosstour Rolling Walker
    Starting at $220.78
  11. Adult Paddle Walker
    Adult Paddle Walker
  12. Hemi Walker, Adult
    Hemi Walker, Adult

Items 1-12 of 42

Set Descending Direction

The Importance of Walkers for Handicapped People

Walkers have been around for a long time - since the 1950’s, to be exact. Some handicapped people have only partial disabilities and may need a walking aid simply to help supplement their footing and confidence. While walking canes are often used, some people need additional support and stability when it comes to moving about on their feet. In these situations, a walker for a handicapped person would be the best option. Some of the benefits that handicap walkers can provide are:

Increased Balance and Mobility

Walkers for handicapped persons are used because they can give a user exceptional balance and mobility control. While they may be slower than a rollator (a walker with three or four wheels), they do provide additional balance and support, as well as stability. It is very uncommon for slips and falls associated with loss of walker control to occur.

Walkers for Disabled People Can Improve Confidence

Maintaining one’s ability to walk provides an extreme confidence boost for those who have limited mobility. It has been psychologically proven that users who are able to walk somewhat benefit much more in physical and emotional terms when they are able to buy and use walkers for handicapped adults. Therefore, buying a walker for handicapped users may be beneficial to the mind as well as the body when compared to purchasing and using a wheelchair. This way, the user can still have some independence.

Wallet-Friendly Prices

While rollators, manual wheelchairs, and even electric wheelchairs can have very hefty price tags, most disability walkers are budget friendly. Walkers may range in cost from just over $30 all the way up to just above $110. This means that while some people choose used medical equipment and walking aids of other types (canes, wheelchairs, rollators, etc.), there is no need to purchase used disability walkers. Also, even though you can find disability walkers at inexpensive rates, the affordability doesn’t mean that walkers for handicapped users sacrifice quality or durability. Therefore, even though disability walkers can be cheap, they are still tough. The savings provided to users have been often another reason why many people choose these versions of handicapped walkers with wheels.

Portability Options

Along with being extremely beneficial for mobility, walkers are convenient and portable. While a few models aren’t made to be folded, most adjustable walkers for handicapped people can indeed fold into a slim profile when not in use. This enhances their transportability and allows them to fit easily into a car, truck, bus, or even a plane for travel. They are also extremely lightweight, which makes them easy to use, and allows for more portability as well.

Even Weight Distribution

When a person uses an aid such as a walking cane, they are concentrating their weight primarily in one spot (the cane). This can not only affect their balance, but it also causes them to rely on their upper body strength and the cane itself to withstand any weight that is applied on them. Having an adjustable walker for the handicapped allows the users to place their weight down on the walker, and the frame distributes the weight evenly over a much greater area than a cane or walking stick. Even disability walkers with wheels are able to provide this capability, and the wheels actually also add to the shock absorption of the walker itself.

Most Walkers Are Adjustable

Almost all walkers are height adjustable, which means that they are designed to fit and be used by users of various heights. Walker users vary in age, height, and gerth, so it’s crucial for handicapped walkers for adults and children to be able to be raised or lowered a few inches depending on the user’s needs. Some walkers have either additional adjustability features or adjustable accessories.

Added Safety While Walking

Being able to have all of the above options for stability, balance, and weight distribution all contribute to the safety of using disability walkers. Handicap walkers with wheels are also a lot safer. Of course, if a person wants to have the greatest mobility assistance but doesn’t need a regular walker, they can always opt for a wheeled disability walker or a 4-wheeled rollator, but if the person needs more stability, our walkers represent a much safer choice than a rollator.

Some walkers may need maintenance from time to time, but it should always be easy to fix your disability walker’s equipment. We have a very diverse line of walker parts that can help you either repair or maintain your walker for safe and secure use. These can be found for affordable prices and are often easy to install onto any walker compatible with the part.

Accessory Options for Added Convenience

Walkers are extremely customizable due to the many handicapped walker accessories on the market. Some walkers may come with accessories; for instance, we have disabled walkers with trays and handicap walkers with baskets. If you can’t find a walker that already has disability walker accessories like handicap walker trays, you can easily buy them separately and simply attach them to your walker.


Here at AvaCare Medical, our line of walkers for the handicapped offers all of the benefits listed above for a reasonable price, from trusted manufacturers including Drive Medical, Carex, Guardian, and many more. There should be no reason why you can’t find the walker you need! If you do need assistance, however, we’d love to hear from you. Our friendly customer support staff is available at 1-877-813-7799 during business hours. Additionally, you can always chat with a live representative on-site. For any other inquiries, simply email us -- we’ll receive it no matter the time of day!