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Folding Walkers / Fold Up Walker with Wheels

Find quality folding walkers on AvaCare Medical today! We can help you find a fold jp walker with wheels, or even one without, if that’s what you’d prefer. There are many things to consider when it comes to finding the right folding walker for you, but luckily, at AvaCare Medical, there is a wide variety of options from which to choose so that you can easily find the folding walker that is optimal for your circumstances. Read more...

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  1. Bariatric Folding Walkers
    Bariatric Folding Walkers
    Starting at $65.42
  2. McKesson Folding Aluminum Junior Walker
    McKesson Folding Aluminum Junior Walker
    Starting at $46.29
  3. McKesson Folding Steel Walker
    McKesson Folding Steel Walker
    Starting at $71.02
  4. McKesson Folding Aluminum Walker
    McKesson Folding Aluminum Walker
    Starting at $134.19
  5. McKesson Dual Folding Walker, Case of 4
  6. Folding Hemi Walker 30"-34" Adjustable Height
  7. Bariatric Heavy-Duty Folding Walker with Wheels, Adult
  8. Tech-Med Walker, Folding 1 Button
  9. Dual Release X-Wide Folding Walker
  10. Pediatric Folding Walkers
    Pediatric Folding Walkers
    Starting at $54.57
  11. Two-Button Folding Walkers with 5" Wheels
    Two-Button Folding Walkers with 5" Wheels
    Starting at $43.20
  12. Youth One-Button Folding Walkers

Items 1-12 of 28

Set Descending Direction

Benefits of Folding Walkers

Having a folding walker can mean a lot of things in terms of safety and convenience. Actually, folding walkers for the elderly can ease older people’s issues with mobility even more than a walking cane. Benefits include:

Increased Mobility

Using a walker with four legs can provide more stability and can even give patients and users an opportunity to retrain and maintain muscles that are needed to achieve mobility. Folding walkers for seniors offer the elderly user a chance to be more mobile. For even more mobility than what a standard folding walker can provide, one may prefer a foldable walker with wheels. Collapsible walkers with wheels can increase walking speed, but are not always guaranteed to be as stable as other walkers.

Portability Options

One good thing about having a foldable walker for adults is that not only are foldable walkers with wheels better for walking speeds and mobility, but almost all of them are extremely portable. Easy folding walkers can become more compact than rollators and other walking aids; they are able to fold into a slim profile in order to fit easily into a car or even an airliner.

Increased Balance and Support

Foldable walkers for seniors offer elderly and handicapped patients balance and physical support when they have trouble holding their own bodyweight. By using a foldable walker for adults, users can benefit in both of these areas. Senior citizens are extremely prone to falls, and as such, it's important for them to have something to hold onto in order to decrease this risk.

Reasonably Priced

Walkers are far more expensive than other mobility items. Of course, as with any other walking aid, many things can affect a folding walker’s price. In general, walkers are a lower-priced option when compared to most other choices of mobility aids. The price of walkers can generally range anywhere from just above $30 to slightly above $100 for some models. However, almost every foldable walker for the elderly is below the $100 mark.

Accessories Can Be Used

One great thing about having a folding mobility walker is that there are a wide variety of accessories that can be attached to the device. Trays which fold can be added to folding walkers as well. Some fold up walkers with wheels can even be purchased with the folding walker accessories already attached. Some models are considered deluxe folding walkers because they are aluminum folding walkers with wheels that come with accessories (such as a walker basket) included.

Choosing a Folding Walker: Things to Consider

Having a folding medical walker is essential for almost any user who needs the extra stability and support that they can’t get from a rollator. People who are recovering from surgery, as well as elderly individuals and others with impaired walking abilities, often require a walker to get around. There are some key things that should be considered, though, when looking for the best folding walker. These include the following factors.

Weight Capacity

The standard weight capacity for walkers ranges from 250 to 300 pounds, and then there are some bariatric models, which feature higher weight capacities for heavier users. Bariatric walkers can often hold up to 500 pounds.

Walker’s Base Height

A walker’s handle height is another important factor to consider. It is true that essentially all walkers are adjustable, but their base height is extremely important. Some walkers can start off shorter for patients who can help themselves get up from chairs, couches, or beds. They can then be adjusted with the press of a button in order to be used while standing. If a walker’s base height is too high, this may be an issue for some people wanting to go from a sitting to standing position. It can also cause issues in terms of providing the right kind of balance support that the user needs if they have it set too low, and, besides, it can lead to back discomfort.

Walker’s Adjustability Range 

Some people are taller than others, and some users may need a walker that is short enough for them while sitting yet tall enough for when they’re standing so that they can use it properly in both situations. Therefore, the adjustability range should be appropriate to the user’s individual needs so he or she can still stand with their back as straight as possible when operating their fold up walker. If a user is taller, they may need a tall walker that can accommodate their size.

Walker Accessory Options

Although many accessories are universally compatible for any walker, not all of them are. Because of this, it’s important to know exactly what brands and what types of accessories can be put on your folding walker. This will allow you to choose the right accessories. 

Whether a Folding Walker Has Wheels or Not

If a user needs maximum stability, they may not want to choose a walker that has wheels. This can sometimes be true for users who are in recovery or physical therapy and who are just beginning to walk again. For this reason, one may want to buy a walker that folds that comes without wheels, and as they progress in their therapy they can always purchase walker wheels for installation later.

At AvaCare Medical, we have some of the best folding walkers that are available, and we want to ensure that you are able to get the one you need! Our friendly and reliable customer service staff can help answer any questions or concerns that you may have. Give them a call at 1-877-813-7799 during business hours, or, alternatively, you can always chat with a customer care rep onsite!