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Walker Accessories / Walker Attachments & Replacement Parts

The elderly often need to keep certain belongings with them at all times. When they are using a walker, having walker accessories such as walker trays and baskets can make this possible. Sometimes, walkers will even come with these accessories included, but after a time, the accessories may become well used, and it may be beneficial to purchase replacement parts for walkers. Read more...

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  1. Carex Walker Tips
    Carex Walker Tips
    Starting at $7.55
  2. McKesson 5" Walker Wheels
    McKesson 5" Walker Wheels
    Starting at $11.20
  3. Walker Basket Liner 16" x 6" x 7"
  4. Carex Snap On Walker Basket with Tray 16" x 6" x 7"
  5. Carex Strap On Walker Basket with Tray 16" x 6" x 7"
  6. Invacare Walker Holder for Lynx Scooter
    Invacare Walker Holder for Lynx Scooter
    Starting at $147.23
  7. Sherpa Hand Grips For Walkers
    Sherpa Hand Grips For Walkers
    Starting at $14.14
  8. Carex Glides 1 1/8"
    Carex Glides 1 1/8"
    Starting at $8.27
  9. Carex 5" Fixed Wheel, Pair
    Carex 5" Fixed Wheel, Pair
    Starting at $30.05
  10. Briggs Walker/Commode Tips
    Briggs Walker/Commode Tips
    Starting at $10.06
  11. Briggs Walkerballs, Pair
    Briggs Walkerballs, Pair
    Starting at $11.65
  12. Sofsheep Sheepskin Walker Grips

Items 1-12 of 81

Set Descending Direction

How Accessories Make a Difference

There are numerous walker accessories available for seniors, and they all provide their own benefits when used appropriately with the walker. One example of an accessory would be carry baskets, which allow elderly individuals to carry items and even hold walking canes or oxygen bags. They also often offer these people increased knee support. Don’t forget the cup holder or tray either! Other adult walker accessories may be able to increase gliding ability (primarily indoors) and even walker wheel kits to help users maneuver their walkers more easily.

Popular Walker Accessories

Many mobility walker accessories that are less common are for decorative purposes. As a matter of fact, there’s an entire movement of people who like to heavily decorate their walkers with accessories. While we don’t recommend this for everybody since this can lead to increased walker weight and decreased walker functionality, we do understand that there are many accessories that should be considered essential for select users to have on their walkers. These include the following:

  • Walker Pouches: Some users don’t want to place a heavier basket on their walker. Therefore, they may want to opt for a mobility walker bag which can provide the same functionality of holding items like a basket, but without adding much extra weight to the walker. Walker pouches are extremely convenient and easy to attach; they also provide more privacy than a walker basket.
  • Baskets: Baskets are almost essential, and some walkers even come standard with them. Having a walker basket allows users to carry a person’s belongings and other important items with them. We have a whole selection of walker baskets in our inventory as well.
  • Knee Slings: A knee sling for a walker allows a person to rest his leg or stay off of it due to pain or medical requirements. It also increases both stability and comfort. Knee slings are also used so a person doesn’t have to necessarily buy a knee walker. They are commonly used on walkers with front-wheels, as they are much easier to move forward with minimal lifting.
  • Walking Cane Holders: Some users still commonly use walking canes in addition to using a walker. Having a place to hang your cane so it can be taken with you, but yet remain out of the way is a great way to have multiple mobility options available anytime you want.
  • Wheeled Walker Accessories: Other than the above items, some people who use wheel walkers will want more mobility and the ability for their walker to be easier to push. They can purchase items such as glides for rear legs which enable the unit to slide along smooth floors more easily. This proves especially helpful if the walker is used primarily indoors. There are also other wheeled walker accessories such as rear wheels that can attach on the legs, which essentially convert the walker into a 4-wheel model (similar to a rollator).
  • Cup Holders: A cup holder is a very popular item as well, allowing the user to take their drinks with them on the go. It can hold a wide variety of cups or bottles.

Parts are Important for DIY Maintenance

Over time, walker parts, wheels, or glides may become damaged or worn. Because of this, it’s important that users are able to buy walker parts to help repair the issues themselves rather than taking them to a service shop. It’s rather easy for most users to attach accessories or walker parts.

One of the most commonly purchased parts on the market are mobility walker replacement wheels. Sometimes a user’s walker with wheels will wear down, and create more difficult walking conditions due to sliding or skidding over time. At the same time, many users can simply attach wheels to their own standard walker if they want increased mobility.If you’re thinking of implementing that idea, just first make sure that it won’t void the warranty of your walker. Further, don’t forget to purchase wheelie walker accessories for even more convenience.

Make Sure You Stay Safe with Your Accessories

When it comes to using walkers and accessories, it’s important to put safety first and foremost; even above the convenience that accessories may provide. As mentioned earlier on this page, it is extremely important to realize that any attachments and items that are carried will add to the weight of the user, and therefore, individuals end up with less weight capacity. If a user is about 225 pounds, for example, and they’re using a walker that can support up to 250 pounds, they may want to add some accessories like a carrying basket, a walking tray, or other item. Most of the accessories they would add, however, would add a little bit of weight to their walker and perhaps breach the model’s safe operating weight capacity.

Even though accessories are often lightweight, a user may end up carrying items such as a full oxygen tank (which weighs between 8 and 15 pounds) along with their other belongings. Perhaps they are using their model to go shopping, adding about twenty more pounds of purchases to their walker basket. This will actually put the user over the weight capacity that the walker is intended for. This can cause more wear and tear on the walker. Should a user have a fall, or if a walker part breaks, the manufacturer may not honor the warranty since the user operated the walker in excess of its recommended weight limit.

Our walker attachments are made by the best brands in the medical equipment market. If you’re looking for certain walker accessories to suit a specific model, give us a call. We want to make sure that you can find just the right accessories for walkers for the elderly. If you don’t see a particular product listed, or you wish to inquire about a specific product, dial 1-877-813-7799 during our business hours, or send us an e-mail and we’ll get back to you shortly!