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Platform Walker / Forearm Walker Attachments

Find platform walker attachments on AvaCare Medical now! Platform walker attachments, also referred to as forearm walker attachments, are available from many reputable mobility aid manufacturers, including Drive and Lumex. These arm attachments for walkers can be installed onto many high grade walkers. Check out your options of arm platforms for walkers on AvaCare Medical now! Read more...

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  1. Invacare Walker Platform Attachment
  2. Trekker Gait Trainer Forearm Platform
    Trekker Gait Trainer Forearm Platform
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  4. Walker Platform Attachment
    Walker Platform Attachment
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What is a Forearm Platform Walker?

A forearm platform walker is a walker with platform arm supports that allow users with limited arm strength to use a walker. When a person uses a standard walker, he is putting a lot of his weight on his hands fingers to wrist area), which are gripping the walker. A person without much hand strength can find using a walker to be very difficult, since he has a hard time gripping the walker and using his hands to bear weight. By attaching platform armrests or by using a platform walker, he’s alleviating the aforementioned issue, since he can now simply rest his hands on the platform, without having to grip the walker in the least. A platform walker with wheels allows the user to put his weight on his forearms (area between wrist and elbow) instead of on his hands. 

Who Can Use a Forearm Platform Walker?

Forearm platform walkers can be used by anyone who is unable to grip a walker properly. People who don’t have the required strength to use a conventional walker can benefit immensely from this innovative walker or walker attachment. It distributes the user’s weight much more effectively, and makes it much easier to steer the walker. 

Platform walker attachments are most often utilized by individuals with either balance, walking, neurological or mobility issues. People purchase them following certain surgeries, a femur fracture, a wrist fracture or sprain, or if they suffer from paralyzation, whether due to a stroke, nature, or any other circumstance. Another reason someone would choose to get a walker with a forearm platform is if he feels he needs to bend down low in order to reach his walker. People with rheumatoid arthritis in the wrist can also benefit from a platform walker. Using a platform walker ensures that hardly any pressure is put on sensitive wrist, palm and hand joints. 

Aside from medical situations, another basic reason for someone to choose to get a platform walker would be height: Someone who is very tall can benefit from having a platform walker attachment, which adds substantial (adjustable) height to the walker. 

Physical therapists often utilize forearm walkers for elderly patients, as well as for other individuals who aren’t able to grip a standard walker properly. Forearm walkers are often used during physical therapy, but are also used as a daily living aid by individuals at home and in nursing homes. They often have adjustable handle heights, so that you can customize them to the size you need. Often featuring vinyl or foam padding on the armrest, and almost always having a base that is constructed of high grade metal, platform walkers are durable, comfort-enhancing mobility aids. 

Platform Walker Attachments: Why They Come in Pairs

Many people find it extremely uncomfortable to have each at a different height; one much higher and one lower down. For this reason, even if someone is only having an issue with one hand, it is likely that he will find himself to be much more comfortable if he uses both, so that he doesn’t have to twist his back at all, and can keep his shoulders well-aligned. 

Platform Walker Attachment 

A Platform walker attachment is used to modify your current standard walker. Before purchasing a platform walker attachment, be sure to ensure that it will fit your walker properly. If your walker is from a well-known medical manufacturer, your best idea would be to see if there are any platform walker attachments offered from that company. 

The platform attachment is placed on top of the area where a person would normally grip the walker. The platform attachment is a device T-shaped device, with a horizontal pole that attaches by means of adjustment knobs to the vertical bars on the side of your walker. At the top of the vertical pole, there is a contoured, padded armrest with an adjustable strap. This holds your arm comfortably and securely in place.

Immediately under the armrest, there is another metal pole; this one is horizontal, and forms an angle that is generally about 75 degrees. At the front end of this pole, there is a padded hand grip. The bracket in the area where the two poles meet is what allows the platform attachment to be installed on top of the actual walker.

Some platform walker attachments only fit on walkers, but there are options of platform walker attachments that fit on walkers and on crutches. This is very helpful for anyone who sprained or broke an arm, and is therefore non-weight bearing, and, besides for that, also has a broken leg. 

How to Adjust a Platform Walker

The platform walker has adjustment knobs that can be loosened and then removed from the clamp. Once the adjustment knobs are removed, the walker user can simply move the platforms down or up, according to his needs, and then re-insert the knobs into the walker to reposition the platform walker attachments in place. 

Q: Can Someone Who is Non-Weight Bearing Use a Platform Walker?

A: Yes. However, he should find out directions for how to use a walker when you’re non-weight bearing. 

If you’re finding it difficult to push your walker using hand and wrist strength, invest in a platform walker attachment. Doing so will relieve pressure from sensitive areas, and help you to maintain the highest level of mobility that you can possibly reach right now. Stay as independent as you can by purchasing a quality platform walker attachment!

Browse the selection of platform walkers on AvaCare Medical now. Choose from durable adult and pediatric platform walker choices from InvaCare, Lumex, Guardian, Drive Medical, and other top of the line manufacturers. 

Turn your walker into a bilateral platform walker or a right or left platform walker today by purchasing a platform for a walker from AvaCare Medical today. If you have any questions regarding platform walkers, feel free to reach out to our customer service team. Give them a call, and they’ll provide you with expert advice, and help you find the best walker platform forearm attachments for your needs. Call 1.877.813.7799 now!